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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Description of a Non-western Language II: Berber 5
Description of a Non-western Language III: Leti 5
Design and Analysis of Biomedical Studies 6
Detection of Light a 3
Development and Diversity in a Sociological Perspective 5
Development and Evolution 6
Developmental and Educational Psychology 5
Developmental Psychopathology 5
Diagnostics in Clinical Neuropsychology 5
Die Psychologie der Sprache 10
Die Welt auf Papier: Schrift und Schriftsysteme 10
Die Welt auf Papier: Schrift und Schriftsysteme 10
Differentiable manifolds 1 6
Differentiable manifolds 2 (BM) 6
Digitaal editeren van literaire teksten 5
Digital Government-Citizen Interaction 3
Digital Media, Culture and Society 5
Digital Transformation 5
Displacement, Migration and Diaspora: Anthropological Perspectives on South Asia 10
Distributed Data Processing Systems 6
Diversity and Power 10
Diversity Linguistics: Africa, Asia and the Americas 10
Documentary Texts from Deir el-Medina and their social and cultural setting 10
Drug Delivery 4
Dutch Debates – Topical Questions in Dutch Society, Culture I 5
Dutch Painting 1400 – 1950: Introduction to the Art History of the Netherlands, Cultuurwetenschap I 5
Dynamical Systems Seminar - Anthology of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) 6
Dynamics of Molecule-Surface Reactions (DST) 6
Economic and Consumer Psychology 10
Economic Policy in the EU 5
Economics for Political Scientists 5
Economies of South and Southeast Asia 5
Economies of the Middle East 5
Economy and Ecology 10
Economy: Africa 5
Economy: East Asia 5
Economy: Europe 5
Economy: Latin America 5
Economy: Middle East 5
Economy: North America 5
Economy: Russia and Eurasia 5
Economy: South & South-East Asia 5
Econophysics 6
Ecosystem Services 6
Ecotoxicology (2023-2024) 6
Een wereldsysteem? Contacten en uitwisselingen in de 19de en 20ste eeuw 10
Effective Field Theory 3
Egyptian Epigraphy 10
Egyptian Temple Inscriptions of the Greco-Roman Period 10
El lugar de lo político en la literatura y el cine latinoamericanos 10