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Naam (958) EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Tools and Theories in the Study of Religion: Historical, Cognitive, and Social-Scientific Approaches 10
Top Lectures Basic 1
Top Lectures Elite 3
Topical course Art and the Fabric of Life: The Visual Arts of Africa 5
Topical Course: Artist's Writings 5
Topical Debates on Photography in Historical Perspective 10
Topics in Algebraic Geometry 6
Topics in Algebraic Number Theory 6
Topics in Chinese Art History, Things and Paths: Approaches to Chinese Art and Material Culture 10
Trade and Finance in the Global Economy 5
Traduzione italiano-olandese (Corso monografico) 5
Traduzione olandese-italiano (Corso monografico) 5
Transdiagnostic Approach of Eating Disorders 5
Tropical Biodiversity and Field Methods (South East Asia / Caribbean) 6
Turkey and the Middle East in the 20th Century 10
Turkish through Media 5
Tutorial Akkadian 10
Tutorial Greek: Greeks on the History of Their Language 10
Tutorial Greek: The Athenian Acropolis - Texts, Terms and Topography 10
Tutorial Latin: Fake Poetry: The Appendix Vergiliana 10
Tutorial Latin: Seneca Thyestes 5/10
Tweedetaalverwerving: didactiek en toetsing 5
U.S. Constitutional Law 5
Understanding Imprisonment: The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Incarceration 5
Understanding Republican China 5
Urban Archaeology 5
Urban Computing 6
Urban Societies in the Ancient Near East 5
Urban Space, Visual Art, and Cultural Practices in Premodern China 5
Values and Norms in Cyberspace (ENG) 5
Van Aram tot Zakho 5
Vedisch Sanskrit 5
Vertaalwetenschap 10
Vijftien eeuwen Nederlands, Taalwetenschap II 5
Visualizing Science 5
Vitality and Ageing 15
Vorm en betekenis 2 5
Vraagstukken Bewegen 9
Vraagstukken Borst en Nier 8
Vraagstukken Buik 8
Vraagstukken in de Praktijk 6
Vraagstukken Kijken, Denken, Doen 7
Vraagstukken Latere Levensfasen 7
Vraagstukken Psychisch Functioneren 5
Vraagstukken Spoedeisende Zorg 6
Vraagstukken Voortplanting en Vroege Levensfasen 8
Wereldcinema B 5
Wereldliteratuur B 5
Werkcollege BA3 musea en collecties: Virtual Exhibition, The Lost Museum - Looting and Restitutions 10
Werkcollege Hittitische teksten 5