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Naam (958) EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Functional Analysis (MM) 8
Functional analysis seminar 6
Fundamentele Informatica 1 6
Fundamentele Informatica 2 6
Fundamentele Informatica 3 3
Galaxies and Cosmology 5
Game Design, Story-Telling and Society: an Interdisciplinary Hackaton 10
Geluid: Sound and space 8
Gender and Diversity: New Approaches in Critical and Cultural Theory 10
General introduction into evolutionary biology and genetics & comparative approaches to understanding the origins of human anatomy, brain and behavior 9
General Introduction to Art in China 5
General Research Skills 5
Genome organization and maintenance in cancer and aging (GCA) 6
Genomic Architecture 6
Georgian Language for Beginners 5
Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse taal 5
Global Christianity 5
Global Crossings: Brazil and Cultural Dialogues in the Lusophone World (LK4 / A) 5
Global Crossings: Brazil and Cultural Dialogues in the Lusophone World (LK4 / B) 5
Global Health (NL) 15
Global History 5
Global Memory Practices 5
Global Political Economy 5
Global Regulatory Networks in Bacteria (GRNB) 6
Global Transformations: Religions on the Move in Historical and Contemporary Perspective 10
Globalisering en Postkoloniale Literatuurtheorie 10
Good Research Practices 5
Gouden teksten uit de Renaissance 5
Grammatica – Taalvaardigheid II 5
Grammatica/Schrijven - Taalvaardigheid II 5
Greek Papyrology 10
Groepsdynamica 5
Grote Boeken uit de literatuur van de middeleeuwen en de vroegmoderne tijd 5
Group Dynamics (IBP) 5
Hacking the Humanities: An Introduction to Digital Humanities and Text Mining 5
Hands-on Research Experience in Museum Volkenkunde 10
Health and Medical Psychology 10
Health Psychology in Practice 5
Heart and Blood Vessels 15
Herauten, literatuur en heraldiek (1300-1700) 5
Heritage and Museum Studies 1 5
Het idee van ordening: lijsten, opsommingen en collecties in literatuur en kunst tot 1800 10
Heterogeneous Catalysis (HET) 6
High-dimensional data analysis 6
High-energy Astrophysics 3
Hindi 4 10
Hindi Literature 10
Hindu Myths in the Art of South and Southeast Asia 5
Historical Criminology 5
Histories of Modern South and Southeast Asia 5