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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Sense and non-sense in anesthesiology 15
Sexology 5
Signal Transduction and Hallmarks of Cancer 4
Simulation and Modeling in Astrophysics (AMUSE) 6
Sinographics: Chinese writing and writing Chinese 10
Sinographics: Chinese writing and writing Chinese (ResMA) 10
Slavery and Memory in the Black Atlantic 10
Sociaal Beleid in Latijns-Amerika 5
Sociaal recht, arbeidsrecht en reorganisatie 5
Social Europe 5
Social Network Analysis for Computer Scientists 6
Sociale en Organisatiepsychologie 5
Sociale Zekerheid 5
Sociolinguistica dell’italiano (Corso monografico) 5
Sociolinguïstiek van Rusland 5
Sociolinguïstiek van Rusland 5
Sociolinguïstiek: straattaal, tussentaal, social media en meer 5
Sociologie en antropologie van modern China 5
Sociology of Religion 5
Soefisme: Islamitische mystiek (keuzevak) 5
Soft and Biomatter Theory 6
Software Development and Product Management 6
Software Verification 6
Solid State NMR (SSNMR) 6
SOSCI Lecture Anthropology and Japanese Culture. Concepts and Misconceptions 5
SOSCI Lecture Material Culture of Modern Japan 5
SOSCI Seminar Performing Arts of Japan 5
Sound, Space and Interaction 6
Spaans 2 10
Spaans 3 10
Spaans 4 10
Spaans: Taal in cultuur 5
Specialisatietentamen Media 5
Specialisatietentamen Moderne Letterkunde 5
Specialisatietentamen Nederlandse Taalkunde 5
Specialisatietentamen Oudere Letterkunde 5
Specialisatietentamen Taalbeheersing 5
Spectroscopy on Chemical Reactions and Environments (SCRE) 6
Speculative Fiction: The Weird, the Dark and the Wonderful 10
Spine/skullbase surgery & otolaryngology/audiology 15
Sports Data Science 6
Sprache von gestern und heute 5
Spreken/Luisteren 1B - Taalverwerving I 5
Stage JNM 10
Stage Juridisch Ondernemerschap en Innovatie 5
Stage Rechtswinkel 5
Stars 5
State-Social Movement relations in the Andean Region 10
State, Politics and Economy in Modern South and Southeast Asia 5
States and Citizens 10