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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Taiwan Women’s World: The Voices of Taiwanese Women in Literature, Film, and Politics 5
Taking care of tomorrow: patient-centered care & digital solutions 15
Technologie en privaatrecht 5
Technology and Society: Values and Norms 5
Tekstgenres 5
Telecommunicatierecht 5
Terror Groups' Non-Violent Activities & Government Responses 5
Text Mining 6
The Adolescent Brain 5
The Archaeology of the Assyrian Empire 5
The Arts of Logistics 3
The Electronic Structure of Solids 6
The Epic Course: A Pre-Modern Genre and its digital disclosure 10
The History of European Integration 5
The Human Planet: How and Why We Began to Shape the Earth System 5
The Human Planet: How Deep History Shaped the Human World 5
The Human Planet: How Globalisation Shaped the Human World 5
The Indian Ocean World: Sailors, Scholars, Slaves 5
The learning brain 5
The learning brain 5
The Living Quran 5
The Making of the Modern Middle East (1870-1940) 10
The Material City 5
The Medieval in Middle-Earth: J. R. R. Tolkien and Old English Philology 10
The older individual 10
The Past in the Present: Nation-building in Modern China (10 EC) 10
The Politics of Destruction: Targeting World Heritage 10
The Psychology of Economic Behaviour 5
The Rise and Decline of American Empire 10
The United States and the Global Environment 10
The Visual and Material Culture of Exchange in Asia and Europe, 1500-1800 10
The Written Legacy of Hittite Anatolia 10
Themes in Arabic Literature: Bandits and Outlaws 10
Themes in Arabic Literature: Bandits and Outlaws, Fact and Fiction (ResMA) 10
Theoretische benaderingen over de moderniteit van Latijns-Amerika 10
Theorie en methode van argumentatie 10
Theory of Condensed Matter 6
Theory of General Relativity 6
Theory of Spectroscopy and Molecular Properties (TSMP) 6
Third Cinema 5
Tibet: State and Society 5
Tibetan 1 10
Tibetan 2 10
Tools and Theories in the Study of Religion: Historical, Cognitive, and Social-Scientific Approaches 10
Topical Course: Artists' Writings 5
Topical Course: Artivism 5
Topical Readings in Classical Japanese 10
Topical Readings in Historical and Literary Chinese Texts 10
Topics in Algebraic Geometry 6
Topics in Algebraic Number Theory 6