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Software Development


Admission requirements

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This course aims to advance the programming skills of the students in both Python and C++ and introduce them to software development concepts and practices that they will need for the rest of their studies and in their professional careers.

The topics included in the course are software development processes, collaborative software development, software design notation, software testing, cloud software development, and source code management.

The students will be expected to prepare in advance for every lecture, using the provided material. There will be a group project, where students will be working towards developing a software product.

Course objectives

  • Advance programming skills in both Python and C++

  • Practice working in teams towards developing larger software products

  • Understand and use source code management systems (Git, Gitlab)

  • Learn about basic software testing techniques and apply those in projects

  • Learn about software development in the cloud

  • Understand software design notation (UML)

  • Learn about software development processes and agile development practices


Mode of instruction

  • (Virtual) Lectures

  • Lecture preparation material: recorded videos, reading material, practical assignments

  • (Virtual) Meetings with student assistants for supervising and assisting with the group projects

Assessment method

An exam with both closed and short questions determines 60% of the grade, and the assessment of the group project determines 40%. The group project grade applies to all group members. The exam and group project need to be graded at least 5.5 to successfully pass the course.

The teacher will inform the students how the inspection of and follow-up discussion of the exams will take place.

Reading list


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