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Research Fundamentals


Admission requirements

Bachelor degree (completed)


In this course, principles, methods and organization of scientific research are presented. It aims to consolidate and extend prior views that students with varying educational backgrounds may have on academic research.

Topics of the course include principles of scientific research, organization of the academic world, academic careers, the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice, academic fraud, scientific publication, the role of creativity in research, asking the right questions, finding the right data, the role of statistics.

The course format is rather intense and student participation is high, with multiple take-home/in-class assignments, a final project and presentations. Class attendance is compulsory and an active in-class attitude is expected.

Course objectives

After completing the course students can:

  • understand the principles and organization of academia;

  • reflect on the limits of what is acceptable in academic research;

  • understand academic careers paths;

  • understand the roles of ethics, integrity, statistics, publication, and creativity in academic research.


Date, time and location of this course is included in the Media Technology calendar.

Mode of instruction

Class lectures and discussion.

Assessment method

The final grade for the course is established by determination of a weighted average of partial grades, combined with additional requirements: (a) The final grade is composed on the basis of evaluated take-home and in-class assignments (60% total), and the final project (40%). (b) All separate assignments (including the final project) must be completed with grade 5.5 or higher. If this requirement is not met, then the final grade is the lowest obtained assignment or project grade. (c) All classes must have been attended.

Reading list

See the course webpage and Blackboard/Brightspace.


  • You have to sign up for courses and exams (including retakes) in uSis.

  • Due to limited capacity, non-Media Technology students (elective, external and exchange) can only register after approval of the programme coordinator/study advisor Barbara Visscher-van Grinsven MA.

  • Students who have not yet completed their bachelor degree cannot be admitted to Media Technology courses.


Media Technology MSc programme coordinator/study advisor: Barbara Visscher-van Grinsven MA