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Media Technology MSc

Media Technology MSc is a programme where students are encouraged to formulate their own scientific questions, and to translate personal inspirations and curiosities into their own research projects. To answer these questions, students create actual products, because we are convinced that by doing and creating, new scientific insights into the underlying question are encountered.

The programme is a joint initiative of Leiden University’s computer science institute (LIACS) and the Academy for Creative and Performing Arts in The Hague.

First year

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Obligatory courses

Visit to Ars Electronica Festival 1
Research Fundamentals 3
Creative Programming 6
Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualization 6
Playful and Creative Science 6
Essentials in Art and Music 3
Hardware and Physical Computing 3
Meta Media 2
Sciences and Humanities 4
Non-human Cognition 4
Artificial Creatures 4
Sound, Space and Interaction 6
Exhibition: Science 2 Experience 12

Second year

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Obligatory courses

Elective courses varies
Portfolio (Media Technology MSc) 1
Graduation Project (Media Technology) 30
Graduation Lab 1

Accent courses (3 courses are added in 2021-2022, students then choose 2 or 3 out of 5)

Computational Creativity 6
Scientific Narration & Visualization 4

Meer info

The Media Technology MSc programme recognises creativity as an important factor in scientific innovation. It aims to be a place where students, artists and scientists conduct research by creating innovative solutions, inspired by results and principles of science. To achieve this, the curriculum focuses on creative exploration and on the understanding of science and technology. The programme encourages its students to draw from the knowledge available throughout Leiden University and the Art Science Interfaculty in The Hague. Key concepts throughout the programme are creativity, technology and scientific research. The programme’s goal is to stimulate innovation and creativity in scientific research by the innovative application of technology. Media Technology can be said to deliver ‘autonomous scientists’, just as art academies deliver autonomous artists.

Science by creating
Science is meant to generate knowledge, in a rational and sensible way. Many research methods exist to do this. We believe that ‘science by creating’ can play an important role alongside other methods. By applying technology in fresh ways, one learns new things; new methods and alternative insights are discovered. We see this as a valid and productive way of doing research. Consequently, student projects in which actual products are realised are important in the Media Technology MSc programme. However, the process of researching while creating the product is as important as the product itself. The projects always lead to a working end-product or proof of concept that contains a media component: visual, auditive or otherwise. Most often, a scientific paper is also produced that describes the scientific advancements resulting from the project. Students are encouraged to submit these papers to international journals, conferences and arts festivals.

Career Perspective