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Research Internship


Admission requirements

Second or third year students of the Honours College FSW programme could follow a research internship after approval by their coach.


Curious about what research looks like in practice? The Honours research internship is an opportunity for second and third year FSW Honours College students to experience firsthand what it means to work as an academic researcher in a field of your choice. You will take part in the daily life of a scientist and you may actually perform certain research tasks yourself. You enter the internship with a few focused questions and will experience what research in this specific field entails.

Tasks to be performed may involve, for example:

  • Take part in research interviews,

  • Preparing experimental settings,

  • Welcoming participants in an experiment,

  • Observe parental interventions from behind a one-way screen,

  • Coding data, translating interview data to a dataset,

  • Performing literature searches,

  • Archival research at other institutions, etc.

Honours FSW students can find a research internship in whatever area they choose. A short internship plan and contract is drawn up between the supervisor from the research study, the student, and the coach of the Honours College.

On the Brightspace page of your cohort, a manual with more information about the research internship can be found.

Course objectives

  • Integration of knowledge and skills in research and practice previously acquired in course work, in particular in realistic work situations;

  • The acquisition of further relevant knowledge and skills, and insight into practical situations in the work field;

  • Intensive acquaintance with a relevant field of research or work;

  • Learning to function independently and responsibly in an organization (professional attitudes); and

  • Gaining insight into one’s own potential and limitations, both with regard to skills and with regard to personal functioning.

Mode of instruction

The internship is supervised by a supervisor from the research study in which you carry out the internship. Before you start the internship, you hand in an internship plan and an internship contract to your supervisor and coach. You can find the manual of the research internship on Brightspace.

Assessment method

After your internship, you will write a report which includes more information about your motivation for choosing this internship, a brief description of the research study and of the activities carried out in the context of the internship, and an evaluation and reflection on your own performance. Please check the manual on Brightspace for more information.

You coach will review your report and assign an ‘Insufficient’, ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’.


You do not need to register for a research internship. Approval from your coach is required.

Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact your coach.