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Honours College FSW

The Honours College of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW Honours College) at Leiden University offers students who are looking for an extra challenge the opportunity to follow an Honours track on top of their regular academic Bachelor's programme and learn more about other scientific disciplines.

FSW Honours College offers two different tracks:

- FSW HC – Science and Society Track

30 EC interdisciplinary programme for deepening and broadening knowledge, within a community of students.

- FSW HC – Double Bachelor Plus

Combination of two complete Bachelor's degree programmes, supplemented by an interdisciplinary Honours Class.

For more information check the FSW Honours College website.

Science & Society

Learning outcomes:
1. HC students are familiar with the way different academic disciplines approach and understand certain themes.
2. HC students are capable of asking insightful questions about the interaction between science and society.
3. HC students can design effective solutions by taking up multiple perspectives.
4. HC students have a curious and critical attitude.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Bachelor I

If you start in semester 2 of your first BA year you follow an established programme of 5 EC:

Social Science Lab 5

Bachelor II

All students that have started the Honours track Science & Society in 2021 follow the courses:

Personal and Professional Development for new students of Science & Society 1
Personal and Professional Development II 1


Furthermore, you choose at least one Elective Honours Module in Bachelor II (see below).

Moreover, you have to follow at least (up to three) Honours Classes during your Honours trajectory (see below).

Next to that, you have to select some of the elective components of the programme (see below).

Bachelor III

In the final year of the Science & Society track, you follow an established programme of 5 EC.

Personal & Professional Development III 1
Extension BA Thesis 3
Honours College FSW Science & Society Conference 1


If you did not take an Honours Class in year 2, you must take one in year 3 (up to three during whole trajectory).

Elective Honours Modules (Bachelor II)

Students select at least one of the following Elective Honours modules:

Adults and Children in a Polarising World 4
Journalistiek Schrijven en Nieuwe Media 4
Juvenile Delinquency: Prevention and Repression 4
Philosophic Considerations: Human Nature and Moral Progress 4
Journalism and New Media 4
Robots & Artificial Intelligence 4
Sustainability and Health 4

Honours Class

You have to follow at least one and up to three Honours Classes during your Honours trajectory.

Honours Class (Honours College FSW) 5

Elective components

In addition to the mandatory courses/components and the selected Elective Honours module(s), you select electives from the following list to complete the 30 EC of the Honours programme.

Reflection Annual Diversity & Inclusion Symposium 1
Societal Internship 1 - 5
Research Internship 1 - 5
Honours Lectures 5
Lecture Series 1
Regular BA course 5
LUC - Course from Leiden University College 5
Reflective Journaling & Creative Expression 4

Double Bachelor+

The Honours College FSW offers a special programme for students with two bachelor’s courses. Beside completing their bachelor’s courses, students are expected to complete an Honours Class (5 EC).

See for more information about admission requirements and application procedure the website.