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Honours Class (Honours College FSW)


Admission requirements

Honours Classes are open to Honours students from all Leiden University Honours Colleges. In case of extra places available motivated non-honours third year students may also choose to apply.


Honours Classes are organized by the various faculties of Leiden University. They all take an interdisciplinary perspective.

Honours students in the Science and Society track must participate in one, and may participate in up to three Honours Classes during their trajectory over the 2nd en 3rd year. Each Honours Class consists of a series of lectures on a specific theme. They all take an interdisciplinary perspective. A maximum of 15-20 students can participate in each Honours Class. The course coordinator of the Honours Class can be contacted during the course for questions regarding the Honours Class. The faculty that offers the Honours Class will be responsible for registering students' results.

The Honours Classes can be found in the e-prospectus.


See for the application and admission procedure the website. You will be asked to include a letter of motivation and your average grade.

Semester 1: Monday August 16 until Thursday September 2 2021 23:59
Semester 2: Monday November 1 until Thursday November 11 2021 23:59


Questions can be asked directly via e-mail or check the website.