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Personal & Professional Development III


Admission requirements

Third year students of the Honours College FSW programme, Science & Society & Individual tracks, having successfully finished PPD II.


This year, we will gauge how your current state of personal and interpersonal competences relates to your motives, passion and mission. This builds on the work you did during previous HC years in the Personal & Professional Purpose seminars. This year you will again take part in two PPD seminars (called III Start and III Finish) starting and ending your last BA academic year. We again use the flipped-classroom approach, where much of the work will take place outside the meetings.

Course objectives

At successful completion of this PPDIII, you will:

  • Have obtained more detailed insight into the paths you have followed and the learning path you want to project into the future.

  • Be able to motivate your direction of choice amongst the diversity of possibilities available.

  • Have a clear image, and be able to make a commitment to the future path you prefer.


Meeting Date Time
PPDIII Start Tuesday 16-11-2021 or Thursday 18-11-2021 18:00-22:00
PPDIII Finish Wednesday 18-05-2022 or Thursday 19-05-2022 18:00-22:00

Mode of instruction

In this course, a substantial part of the time investment and study takes place before and after the meetings. Preparatory assignments (pre-seminar) and integrative ones (post-seminar) are part of the compulsory tasks. Be aware preparation is already required two weeks before the first seminar.

We will speak English during the seminars.

The study load is 1EC:

  • 2 Seminars (2 x 3 hours)

  • 2 Preparatory assignments, including literature study and interviews (2 x 6 hours)

  • 2 Integrative assignments (2 x 3 hours)

  • Peer feedback (max 4 hours)

Assessment method

You will receive qualitative (peer) feedback on your reflections. Assessment of your participation (in the categories insufficient, good, or excellent) will be based on concise and timely execution of preparatory assignments, commitment during meetings, and reflective capacity and skill in the integrative assignments.


You do not need to register for this course. You will be enrolled by the Honours College FSW.


For questions concerning the PPD course, please contact Dr. Marc Cleiren