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Underwater Archaeology and Maritime Landscapes


Admission requirements

This course is open to students admitted to the Master programme Applied Archaeology. However, students from other tracks who want to know more about maritime archaeology and heritage management are welcome as well.


This (R)MA course is partly a follow-up of the BA2 course Maritime Archaeology, Culture and Landscapes: Research, Protection and their Role in (Identity) Building, where the maritime landscape is the focal point of research.

This course will be a more in-depth course in which specifically underwater cultural heritage will be the focus. Through classes aiming at methods and techniques used to investigate, protect and manage the underwater resources, the development of ships, boats and watercrafts, shipbuilding and current issues on the management of the underwater cultural heritage, the student will get to know how this rich resource is being investigated and managed.

Through small tutorial films and guest appearances in classes, also a variety of different projects will be demonstrated. Students who want to participate in the Tollense Valley (underwater) field school are strongly advised to take this course.

Course set-up

  • Introduction: definitions, goals, landscapes;

  • Methods and techniques in UCH;

  • Methods and techniques in UCH;

  • Ship evolution;

  • Shipbuilding techniques;

  • Current issues in UCH management;

  • Current issues in UCH management, closure;

  • Excursion: When and where needs to be determined.

Course objectives

  • Increasing knowledge on underwater archaeological methods and techniques;

  • Increasing knowledge on ship development and shipbuilding techniques through time;

  • Increasing knowledge on UCH management;

  • Discussing current issues in UCH management;

  • Introducing current research in UCH.


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Mode of instruction

  • Lectures;

  • Assignments;

  • Discussions;

  • Excursion.

Assessment method

  • Written exam (50%);

  • Assignments (50%).

A 5.5 or higher needs to be obtained for the assignments (50%). Only the written exam can be retaken.

Assessment deadlines

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The assignment has to be handed in before the written exam.

Reading list

The reading list will be published on Brightspace.


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For more information about this course, please contact dr. M.R. (Martijn) Manders.


Compulsory attendance; students can miss max. 1 class. This year there will be an attendance list.