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Introduction to Dutch Studies



Language acquisition is one of the main objectives in the first year of the Dutch Studies curriculum. However, learning a language is far more interesting when you study the culture in the same time. The Department of Dutch Studies uses a broad definition of the notion ‘Culture’, and therefore a wide range of subjects are studied in our BA-program: linguistics, literature and (art) history.
This course aims at giving a first introduction to Dutch culture and society. It also offers a first taste of what it is like to study Dutch Studies. Many different subjects will pass in review: Geography – History – Population – Economics – the Multi-Cultural Society – Politics – the History of Dutch Language – Dutch as a World Language – Second Language Research – Dutch Literature – Migrant Literature – Harry Mulisch’ The Assault (novel and film)
To stimulate students to see more of the Netherlands than just Leiden and Amsterdam, an individual fieldtrip, rounded off with a City Report (2000 words), is part of the course.

Teaching method

Individual field trip and City Report

A la carte- en Contractonderwijs

Informatie voor belangstellenden die deze cursus in het kader van A la carte onderwijs willen volgen (zonder tentamen), oa. over kosten, inschrijving en voorwaarden.

Informatie voor belangstellenden die deze cursus in het kader van Contractonderwijs willen volgen (met tentamen), oa. over kosten, inschrijving en voorwaarden.

Deadlines voor inschrijving:
Eerste semester: 24 augustus 2009
Tweede semester: 18 januari 2010

Admission requirements


Course objectives

After this course, students

  • have basic knowledge of various topics of Dutch Culture and Society

  • have a first impression of the field of research of Dutch Language and Literature

  • have basic knowledge of the city they visit for their City Report

  • are able to write a report

Course load

Total Study load is 140 hours:

  • 25 class meeting (incl. test)

  • 35 class preparation

  • 25 individual field trip and city report

  • 55 preparation for the test

Required reading

Reader – available at the Studiepunt Letteren.
Other materials available on Blackboard.
Harry Mulisch, The Assault (novel, translated in many languages).

Test method

City Report 25%.
Written test with essay questions 75%.

Time table

Click here for the time table of Dutch Studies.


Coordinator: Mrs. L. Winkelmolen (
Study coordinator Dutch Studies: Mrs. I. Zagar (


Please contact the study coördinator.


Blackboard is used in this course to:

  • give general and detailed information on the course

  • put course materials at student’s disposal

  • give sample questions for the test

  • communicate with students if necessary
    Please enroll in Blackboard.


This course is compulsory for Dutch Studies students.