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WC: Vroegmodern Beeldend: Art At The Court: The Visual Rhetoric of Early Modern Art and Architecture


Admission requirements

Propeaedeutics and all seminars for the second year accomplished.


This course will explore the complexities of pictorial and architectural design in the early modern period in a specific political setting, namely that of art made for the court. We will consider both art works and buildings made for the courts of the Low Countries, and Court art from other cultures and societies. The course will be built around original works of art in local museums, including the Mauritshuis, the Lakenhal and the Volkenkunde Museum, and extant early-modern buildings. Students will develop their skills in using visual analysis as an advanced interpretive tool, leading to the identification of significant research questions. We will also explore recent scholarly and theoretical literature concerning the construction of pictorial and architectural space, the use of light and shadow, and the interplay of visual and somatic experience within courtly settings.

Course objectives

  • Students will learn how to use visual analysis as a research tool and understand how pictorial and architectural composition functions rhetorically;

  • Students will be conversant with current literature on light, space and bodily experience of works of art and architecture from the early modern period;

  • Studentds will become acquainted with recent developments in court and patronage studies.

  • Students will hone their skills in making oral presentations;

  • Students will be able to articulate viable research topics on the basis of visual analysis.

Time table

Time table 2010-2011

Teaching method

  • Seminar

  • Excursion (local)

Test method

  • paper e.d.

  • referaat, mondelinge presentatie


Use of Blackboard

Required reading

Required reading to be announced.


Aanmelden voor A la Carte
Aanmelden voor Contractonderwijs


Prof. dr. Mark A. Meadow
Prof. dr C.A. van Eck


This course will meet occasionally in the classroom and regularly in various local museums.