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Drug Delivery


Part 1. Transdermal drug delivery
In this series of lectures several aspects of the skin barrier formation will be discussed in order to obtain insight in the structure and function of the skin. Normal skin as well as diseased skin will be evaluated. After this general introduction we will focus on the various delivery methods that are currently available and their applicability to several groups of drugs. In addition, the penetration routes of drugs and the interaction between the formulations and the skin will be discussed. Studies performed in vitro as well as in vivo will be included.
Part 2. Protein delivery
Protein therapeutics differ in several aspects from low-molecular-weight drugs, such as molecular weight, delivery, stability, analysis, and immunogenicity. In this short course the students will gain basic insight as to why protein therapeutics are different from conventional drugs and the implications thereof for their formulation, characterization and clinical use.


Prof. dr. J.A. Bouwstra, prof. dr. W. Jiskoot


students Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences.


Drug Delivery Technology (300 level course 3rd year of bachelor study BFW, with the Dutch name Geneesmiddelformulering) or Interventies door geneesmiddeltoediening (course of minor Systems Pharmacology).


Combination of lectures, student presentations, and discussions.


Will be handed out during the course.


Written and/or oral exam.


At least 5 participants.


The lecture series Drug Delivery will be given from 16—27 May from 9.00 to 12.45 h. See roster for details.


Email Ms. Van Gent for admission:

Participants must apply at least 3 weeks in advance


To broaden the knowledge of drug administration via the skin and advanced visualization methods used; to gain basic insight into several aspects of the delivery of protein drugs.