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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences

Students in the Master’s programme in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) of Leiden University are trained for a research career in drug research and development. The Master’s programme offers eight tracks. Each of the five research specialisations (tracks) corresponds to major research themes in the Leiden branch of the Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (LACDR). The remaining three BPS tracks consists of a research component in combination with a specialisation on Science-Based Business (SBB), Communication, or Education.
The duration of each programme variant is two years (120 EC). Students who complete the programme receive the degree Master of Science in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, with specification of the specialisation, if applicable.

The Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences Master consists of the following specialisations:

Analytical Biosciences
Drug Delivery Technology and Biopharmaceutics
Medicinal Chemistry
Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Communication
Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Education
Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences and Science-Based Business

First and Second Year

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

The MSc programme of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences offers the following lecture series in the academic year 2010–2011:

Blood-Brain Barrier: Drug Transport to the Brain 4
Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry 4
Atherosclerosis 4
Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modelling 4
Molecular Mechanisms of Apoptosis 4
Modern Drug Discovery: From Biology and Structure to New Chemical Entity 4
Stress Hormones and Pathophysiology of the Nervous System 4
Computational Analysis of Metabolomics Data (Statistical Analysis) 4
Drug Delivery 4

Obligatory course in the academic year 2010–2011:

Scientific Conduct 1

Optional courses in the academic year 2010–2011:

Formulering farmaceutische eiwitten 13

Meer info

The master’s programme of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences (BPS) aims to train students in the research area of bio-pharmaceutical sciences and drug research in such a way that the graduated master’s students (MSc’s) have enough knowledge and hands-on experience to be able to work independently as a scientific researcher. An MSc in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences should be able to obtain a PhD position in Life Sciences or Biomedical Sciences.

The education aims at:

  • obtaining a deeper insight in two or three areas of drug research;

  • obtaining skills to perform scientific research in one or two areas of drug research, using relevant methods and techniques, and stimulating a critical attitude towards the interpretation of data of scientific research;

  • obtaining an attitude in order to function well in a team, based on the idea that research in the life sciences tends to be performed in multidisciplinary teams;

  • obtaining skills to present the results of scientific research by written reports and by oral presentations.

    The master’s programme BPS may start anytime, although non-Dutch students are advised to start in September or February when they need visa or help with housing (see for more information and The programme has a duration of two years (120 EC). The programme of the research tracks consists of two research projects, at least two lecture series, a literature study, and optional courses, depending on the specialisation chosen and on the previous training of the MSc student. The programme will be taylor made for each student individually.

General outline of the programme of the research tracks.