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Taalverwerving IIIb


Description requirements

Students must have passed all elements in the BA1 & BA2 language programme and BA3 Taalverwerving IIIa (5693VTMJAY).


This course consists of readings on topics related to the Japanese society, oral presentation and writing of a paper. In this last phase of BA3, students are required to give an oral presentation on an academic topic. If the student prefers, the presentation theme can be related to the BA graduation thesis. A peer student and the instructor evaluate weekly presentations jointly. After reading the text, class discussion on the content follows. Learning Chinese kanji characters (to enlarge advanced vocabulary) and expressions, and to summarize the text are also important. Students are required to write a paper at the end of the semester (1200-2000 characters).

Course objectives

  • To consolidate language proficiency and knowledge, to exercise language skills actively in class and work on assignments; – To assist students to reach higher proficiency levels for further study and/or working life; – To enlarge students’ advanced (kanji compound) vocabularly; – To gain ability to discuss the content of readings and think of and express arguments.


Check timetable.

Mode of instruction

Independent study.

Assessment method

NB: Minimum attendance requirement: 70% of the scheduled meetings.

Attendance: 10%
Oral presentation: 30%
Paper: 30%
Written exam: 30%


Yes, Blackboard.


Newspaper articles (to be provided).


Enrollment via uSis is required.
Exchange and Study Abroad student, please see the “Study in Leiden” website: for information on how to apply.

Contact information

Y. Kragt-Masui, BA


Students should make sure to attend the first meeting of the assigned group. A schedule for presentations will be fixed in the first meeting.