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Admission requirements

Prerequisites: elements of logic, epistemology and metaphysics. When in doubt ask the course teacher.
Toehoorders / à la carte-studenten hebben alleen toegang tot deze cursus met toestemming van de docent.


For 2000 years TRUTH has been a central notion in philosophy; it plays a decisive role within logic, epistemology, philosophy of language, and metaphysics. In particular it is intimately tied up with the notion of objectivity and that of error; without a norm of truth, error is impossible … In the course a number of themes from within the recent debates on truth with be dealt with. Tarski’s so called “theory of truth” will be discussed, as will the question of relativism. Could it really be the case that “truth-for-me” is different from “truth-for-you”?

Course objectives

Course objectives will be posted on Blackboard by the start of the course.


Monday, 9:00-12:00

See Collegeroosters Wijsbegeerte 2011-2012 , BA Wijsbegeerte (BA Plus-traject of Standaardtraject)
See Timetables Philosophy 2011-2012 , Timetable Undergraduate Courses in English

Mode of instruction

Lectures and seminar

Assessment method

  • Active participation

  • Final paper on a truth-related topic that is determined in consultation with the course teacher.



Reading list

Every week a suitable text will be read; for the first time participants will be expected to read:
Göran Sundholm, ‘Antirealism and the Roles of truth’, §§ 1-4 (a master copy is available at the secretariat for copying).

After the first meeting, further topical truth-relevant texts will be chosen after hearing the wishes and interests of participants.


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Contact information

Prof.dr. B.G. Sundholm


Specialisatie (BA Wijsbegeerte): Theoretische filosofie