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Master Thesis in MSc. Psychology


The master thesis will enable the student to obtain experience with all the phases of empirical research in psychology and applying the knowledge and skills acquired in different course modules. The student selects a topic of interest and a personal supervisor from the range of ongoing research projects within the domain of the selected specialisation.

The participating faculty members will offer research topics related to their own research interests, for which students can sign up. The exact topics and the participating faculty members can vary from year to year. The students carry out their own study, as part of the ongoing research in the programme. The supervisor guides the student during his selection of a research topic, will monitor the feasibility of the intended research in the context of the thesis, and will advise the student in the case of difficulties or delays in the progress of his research.

At first the student will work on the development of a research question and research design, and will write a research proposal on the basis of the relevant literature. The research proposal has to be evaluated before the start of the second phase. During the second phase the student will focus on data collection and data analysis, and during the third phase he will prepare a written research report (master thesis).


Thesis coordinator of the specialisation


Relevant literature on the topic of the research.


Written research report. See also the criteria for reviewing the thesis.

From January 1, 2006 the Faculty of Social Sciences has instituted the Ephorus system to be used by instructors for the systematic detection of plagiarism in students’ written work. Please see the Additional Rules and Regulations, section 6.

Requirement(s) for application or advice

Mandatory courses of the specialisation.

Education method(s)

Individual research under supervision.


No fixed meetings. Regular meetings with the supervisor of the thesis.