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First Year

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Compulsory courses (first semester)

Advanced Psycho-diagnostics in Children and Adolescents 5
Behaviour Training with Children 5

Compulsory Courses (second semester)

Choose two from three.

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy with Young People 5
Process Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities and Remedial Teaching 5
Social Skills Training 5

Recommended elective(s)

Also possible: the third of the second semester courses.
See overview of all electives

Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 5
Child Neuropsychology: Theory and Assessment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 5
The Psychodynamic Perspective 5
Transdiagnostic Approach of Eating Disorders 5

All Year

Internship can be 10 or 20EC (consult the information tab)

Internship Psychology 10
Master Thesis in MSc. Psychology 20

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Timetables Master’s (2011-2012)

Additional information

Programme description

This is a specialization of the master’s programme of Psychology.

Children and adolescents may experience a wide range of psychological and educational difficulties. The aim of this Master’s programme is to acquire in depth knowledge about:

  • Theoretical models of social and cognitive development and the interplay of risk and protective factors in atypical development.

  • Ways to differentiate atypical from typical development and the use of classification systems of childhood disorders.

  • Choosing and applying the most appropriate intervention strategy for each problem area.

This Master’s programme offers intensive studies in developmental psychopathology and learning problems, helps students translate theory into practice in addressing the varied needs and difficulties experienced by children and adolescents, fosters the development of key skills for clinical and educational work with young people, and prepares students for entry into Post-Masters training programmes and employment in education and mental health settings.

The focus of the Master’s programme is on psychological and educational problems in childhood and adolescence, but good understanding of atypical development requires a solid understanding of normal development. Access to this Masters programme is therefore limited to students with sufficient background in theories of normal cognitive and social development, i.e. one of the two bachelor courses: Socio-emotional development or Cognitive Intellectual Development. Master’s Programmes – Child and Adolescent Psychology


Electives (optional):

Choose up to 10 EC, depending on the length of the Internship, from the elective courses.


Students can choose to do an Internship for 10 or 20 EC. An internship for 20 EC includes Organisational, Ethical and Legal Aspects of Health Care and supervision on BAPD-reports. Students of this specialisation can find more information on Blackboard. Please also see the options for doing an internship (pdf).


For more detailed information about the specialisation Child & Adolescent psychology please contact:

Purchasing study material

The books are available at a discount via the bookshop of the study association Labyrint on presentation of your Labyrint membership pass. Otherwise they can be bought from academic booksellers.