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Inleiding Middelegyptisch en hiërogliefenschrift


Admission requirements

There are no prerequisites or restrictions on enrollment for this course.


This course provides a comprehensive overview of the grammar of Middle Egyptian, which is regarded as the most classical of all the stages of the ancient Egyptian language. It also teaches students the hieroglyphic script and builds up fundamental vocabulary.

Course objectives

The course provides the fundamental theoretical knowledge necessary for reading hieroglyphic texts of substantial length. It therefore lays the groundwork for the course Lectuur Middelegyptisch (5701OLME) and for later study of other dimensions of the ancient Egyptian language, including Hieratic, Late Egyptian, Demotic, and Coptic.


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Mode of instruction

Lecture and tutorial.

Assessment method

  • Quizzes (10%), Midterm examination (35%), Final examination (55%).

  • The final examination cannot be taken by a student who has missed more than six (6) classes without special approval of the “examencommissie.”


Important supplemental materials are provided on “Blackboard”:

Reading list

1)Textbooks (purchase strongly recommended):
a) J.P. Allen, Middle Egyptian, 2nd edition (Cambridge 2010)
b) A. de Buck, Egyptian Readingbook (Chicago 1982)
c) R. Faulkner, A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian (Oxford 1962 of meer recente herdruk).
d) B. G. Ockinga, A Concise Grammar of Middle Egyptian second, revised edition (Mainz am Rhein 2005)

2) Reference is also made to the following grammars, which may be purchased or consulted in the library:
a) J.F. Borghouts, Egyptian. An Introduction to the Writing and Language of the Middle Kingdom (Leuven 2010)
c) A. Gardiner, Egyptian Grammar, 3rd edition. (Oxford 1957 or more recent edition)


The instructor Dr H.M. Hays



This is a challenging but very rewarding course.