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Thesis presentation and research proposal


Admission requirements

This seminar is meant for all second-year students of the Research master Classics and Ancient Civilisations.


During this seminar students will present the outline of their MA thesis (subject, research questions, approach, expectations, results) and discuss a part of it more in detail. They will receive feedback from their fellow students and their thesis advisor. At the end of the seminar students write a research proposal.


To be determined


Via uSis. Additionally, students who are registered for the research master programme will receive an e-mail about the participation for this seminar.

Please contact Prof. dr. J.K. Zangenberg, email

Contact information

For questions concerning this component of the programme please contact the coordinators of studies of your specialisation track. E-mail: .

Prof. dr. J.K. Zangenberg, email

J.K. Koning MA:
Tracks: Classics, New Testament and Early Christian Studies

dr. M.F.J. Baasten:
Tracks Assyriology, Egyptology, Hebrew Bible Studies