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Thesis presentation and research proposal


Admission requirements

This seminar is meant for all second-year students of the Research master Classics and Ancient Civilisations.


During this seminar students will present the outline of their MA thesis (subject, research questions, approach, expectations, results) and discuss a part of it more in detail. They will receive feedback from their fellow students and their thesis advisor. At the end of the seminar students write a research proposal.


To be determined


Via uSis. Additionally, students who are registered for the research master programme will receive an e-mail about the participation for this seminar.

Contact information

For questions concerning this component of the programme please contact the coordinators of studies of your specialisation track. E-mail: .

J.K. Koning MA:
Tracks: Classics, New Testament and Early Christian Studies

dr. M.F.J. Baasten:
Tracks Assyriology, Egyptology, Hebrew Bible Studies