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Algemene Pathologie (General Pathology I)



NB. This course is taught in Dutch.

This module deals with general pathology. Three main themes are discussed:

  • Cellular pathology and inflammation

  • Hemodynamic disorders

  • Neoplasia

All themes focus on understanding disease processes. Diseases will be discussed in terms of etiology, pathogenesis, morphologic changes and clinical significance. The subject matter will be illustrated with diseases that exemplify the disease processes studied. Following introductory lectures, comprehensive lectures and clinical demonstrations, the subject matter will be studied and dealt with in (computer-aided) tutorials. In addition, optional research or clinical conferences can be attended to elaborate upon a topic of choice.


  • You become familiar with pathophysiological disease concepts through the study of selected topics from systematic pathology.

  • You can explain disease processes in terms of etiology, pathogenesis, morphological changes and clinical significance.

  • You have further improved your discussion and presentation skills.


Hoorcolleges, responsiecolleges, patiëntendemonstraties en werkgroepen.


Toetsing vindt plaats middels een ‘gesloten boek’ tentamen. Bij het maken van het tentamen is het gebruik van kernboeken en alle aantekeningen NIET toegestaan.