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Theory of Condensed Matter

Vak 2013-2014



Electronic band structure, crystalline order, phonons, harmonic oscillators, second quantization.

Electronic order by repulsive interactions:

From Hubbard electrons to Heisenberg spins, ferro- and antiferromagnetic order, spin waves and Holstein-Primakoff, semi-classical mean-field theory, Random-Phase-Approximation (RPA).

Attractive interactions:

Superconductivity for strong coupling, electron-phonon interaction, Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) theory.

Fermi liquid theory:

Linear response theory, zero-sound and plasmons, screening, Green functions and Landau quasi-particles.

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Bachelor courses: Quantummechanica 1 and Quantummechanica 2 (Quantum mechanics), Fysica v.d. vaste stof (solid state physics), Statistische Fysica 1and 2 MSc course: Quantum Theory ### More information

Lecturer: Prof.dr. J. Zaanen (Jan)
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