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Sumerian 2


Admission requirements

Sumerian 1.


Gudea ruled the state of Lagash in southern Mesopotamia, the Sumerian heartland, around 2144-2124 BC. He left behind a large number of inscriptions, including two clay cylinders, which in about 1300 lines of literary Sumerian describe the construction and inauguration of the main temple in Lagash. Gudea’s Sumerian is considered to be the classic form of the language. In this course we will read selected passages from his inscriptions, study their language and script, and look into their cultural and historical background.

Course objectives

Students acquire:

  • more in-depth knowledge of the grammar of Sumerian,

  • knowledge of the Sumerian cuneiform script,

  • skill in transliterating, analyzing grammatically, and translating the inscriptions of Gudea of Lagash from the cuneiform script of his age,

  • knowledge of the background of these texts.

Time table


Mode of instruction

  • Seminar with mandatory attendance.

Course load

In total 140 hours, consisting of:

  • 26 hours attending the seminars

  • 52 hours preparing the seminars

  • 32 hours reading the text assignment

  • 30 hours preparing for the examination

Assessment method

  • an assignment of about 60 lines of Sumerian not treated during the seminar (30% of the final grade)

  • a written exam on the subject matter of the seminar and on the reading list (70% of the final grade)

The final grade for the course is established by determining the weighted average. If the final grade is below 6.0, the written exam (70%) can be repeated.

Reading list

To be announced at the beginning of the course.


uSis### Contact

Dr. A.H. Jagersma


Bij aanwezigheid van buitenlandse studenten kan de cursus in het Engels gegeven worden.