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Methodology and Research Approach (PE)


this information is not updated to 2016-2017 yet!

Admission requirements



Research methods & skills are essential to carry out a scientific investigation. Four methodology themes will be discussed:

  1. Making a managerial research question
    1. conceptualize and operationalize
    2. Research design, data collection and analysis of data
    3. Assessing business research

Also statistical exploration of data is important. So we use system R software to quantify research data and use statistical analysis to substantiate findings.

Course objectives

By the end of the course, the student:

  • should be able to independently establish a business research and understand the issues that arise in the implementation.

  • could create a problem from interpretation research

  • should be able to place the research and interpretation problem in a conceptual model

  • should be able to create a research design

  • Has insight how to collect and analyze data

  • Has insight how to construct survey responses in a responsible manner

  • Has insight how to link research answers back to the problem situation

  • Has insight how to make recommendations

  • Has insight how to review business research

  • Has knowledge of basic statistics

  • should be able to process research data with statistical functions such as; regression

  • should be able to interpret research data with statistical functions and formulate conclusions.


The schedule is tailor-made and will be defined by mutual agreement.

Mode of instruction

The course combines lectures, case studies, interactive discussions, assignments, research, a final paper. Students are required to fill in expected study efforts (SBUs) by co-operating, self-study and to explore literature on available resouces such as libraries, internet, etc.
There is a preparatory assignment before the first meeting.

Assessment method

Participation (10%)
Statistical assignments (30%)
Paper (60%)


Methodology & Research Approach

Reading list

The following textbooks are required:

  • Jonker J & Pennink, B.J.W., The Essence Of Research Methodology, Van Gorcum , Assen, 2e druk isbn 90-232-3541-X

  • Problem solving in organizations. Methodological Handbook For Business Students

  • System R manual

Teachers will provide articles during course.

Contact information

For more information, please contact Programme Co-ordinator ms. Judith Havelaar LL.M