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Biophysics and Bioengineering for Pharmaceutical Sciences


This information is without prejudice. Alterations can be made for next year.

This course aims at familiarizing the students with some of the recent developments at the interface of physics and engineering with biomedicine and pharmaceutical sciences. Students will learn among others about chip-based diagnostics and organ-on-chips, microfluidics, biomechanics, single-cell and single molecule biophysics and their medical relevance.

Dr. Alireza Mashaghi Tabari (

Admission requirements
BPS master students are eligible. English proficiency is needed.

Mode of instruction
Lectures and self study.

Reading list
To be announced

Course objectives
The students will get an overview of the following topics:

  • Molecular biophysics: contributions and opportunities for biopharmaceutical sciences

  • Cell biophysics: contributions and opportunities for biopharmaceutical sciences

  • Systems biophysics for biopharmaceutical sciences

  • Nanotechnology for biopharmaceutical sciences

  • Chip-based assays for biopharmaceutical sciences

Assessment method
The assessment comprises an exam (70% of final grade) and an individual/group (depends on the number of students) case study or literature review (30% of final grade).

April 2019

Application via uSis.

A minimum of 5 participants is required with a maximum of 25.