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Indo-European linguistics II


Admission requirements

Familiarity with Indo-European phonology is required, e.g. by completing the course Indo-European I: Phonology. In case of doubt, please contact the teachers.


This course is a continuation of and builds on Indo-European I: Phonology. The course of two parts that will be assessed separately. In the first half, we will treat the structure of the Indo-European word (composition and derivation) and study the reconstruction of nominal endings and paradigms. This part will be concluded by looking at the pronominal system. In the second half, we will look at verbal morphology, taking into account the different categories of the verb, the personal endings, stem formation, inflexion etc.

Course objectives

  • Knowledge of the morphological system of Proto-Indo-European, including the categories and paradigms, and its development into the main daughter languages.

  • Insight into the methodology of the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European morphology and its pitfalls.

  • Application of the principles of reconstruction.


The timetable is available on the MA Linguistics website

Mode of instruction

  • Seminar

Course Load

Total course load 10 EC x 28 hours = 280 hours

  • Classes: 52 hours

  • Class preparation: 104 hours

  • Study of articles from reading list: 26 hours

  • Preparation exams: 92 hours

  • Exams: 6 hours

Assessment method


There will be a mid-term and a final exam, both consisting of a written examination with short open questions, including questions covering the reading list.


Both the mid-term and the final exam count for %50 of the final grade. For both exams, a minimum grade of 5.0 is required.


For both the mid-term and the final exam there will be one resit opportunity. In either case, the resit may be taken if the grade is lower than 6.0.

Inspection and feedback

How and when an exam review will take place will be disclosed together with the publication of the exam results at the latest. If a student requests a review within 30 days after publication of the exam results, an exam review will have to be organized.


Blackboard will be used for:

  • communicating homework and schedule changes

  • uploading course handouts and presentations

Reading list

Mandatory reading (to be purchased in advance):

  • Clackson, James. 2007. Indo-European Linguistics: An Introduction. Cambridge University Press. (ISBN 9780521653671)

  • Additional articles to be made known at the start of the course.
    Suggested further reading:

  • Beekes, R.S.P. 2011. Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: An Introduction (Second Edition). John Benjamins. (ISBN 9789027211866)


Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.
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Please contact Student administration van Eyckhof for questions.

The coordinator of studies is Else van Dijk

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