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Introduction to measure theory


Admission requirements



The aim of this course is to provide quick and practical introduction to abstract concepts of Lebesgue measure and integration. More advanced course on Measure Theory is offered in the third year.

Main subjects of this course are:

  • measurable sets and function

  • Lebesgue integral

  • Lp spaces

  • Holder and Minkowski's inequality

  • various modes of convergence

Mode of Instruction

Lectures (obligatory, 1 hour per week) + seminar (optional, 1 hour per week)

Assessment method

The final grade consists of homework (20%) and a written (retake) exam (80%). To pass the course, the grade for the (retake) exam should be at least 5 and the (unrounded) weighted average of the two partial grades at least 5.5. No minimum grade is required for the homework in order to take the exam or to pass the course. The homework counts as a practical and there is no retake for it.


  1. Lecture notes
  2. Donald L. Cohn, Measure Theory ISBN: 978-1-4614-6955-1 (Print) 978-1-4614-6956-8 (Online) (available as e-book via Leiden University Library).


The course will use Brightspace.