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Energy and Resource Management


Admission requirements

Recommended course(s):

  • Global Challenges: Sustainability


Our global energy system is undergoing a transformation as we move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy. This course will take a practical approach to exploring the energy transition by applying the theoretical knowledge gained in class to a real-life renewable energy project. Throughout the Block, we will draw upon the planning and development process for this project to explore the three pillars of sustainable development (environmental, social, and economic sustainability) as they relate to the development of renewable energy. Within this framework, we will explore topics ranging from the commodification of nature to the management of protected areas, and from environmental impact assessment to understanding the planning of, and local opposition to, sustainable energy infrastructure.

Course Objectives


  • Students will develop a research question and conduct a literature review.

  • Students will learn how to work together effectively in a group setting.

  • Students will learn to communicate effectively through oral and written assignments.


  • Identify and understand the various frames by which we understand and value nature.

  • Understand the planning and development of renewable energy projects.

  • Identify and analyse the environmental, social, and economic impacts of renewable energy development.
    *Understand the concepts, principles and practices discussed in class.


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Mode of instruction

This course is project-based. This course will proceed primarily as a seminar with a mix of lecture, class discussion, workshops, and small group meetings with the instructor

Assessment Method

Discussion Leader (17.5%)
Group brief outline (15%)
Group complete brief (30%)
Project development hearing (17.5%)
Literature Report (20%)

Reading list

A reading list will be made available before the course starts. The following book is recommended and it will be available via the Leiden University library:

Therivel, R., and G. Wood. 2017. Methods of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (4th ed.). Routledge, eISBN: 9781315626932.


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Dr. Marco Cinelli,
Dr. Anna Liza Bais, email TBC