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Bioarchaeology is the study of all biological materials found in archaeological context in order to provide information about human life in the past including palaeo-economic, palaeo-environmental realms or evolutionary trends.

The main aim of the course is to provide insights into diverse theoretical and analytical approaches and methodologies to the study of bioarchaeology, as well as to advance your knowledge on how to interpret bioarchaeological data from various sources.

In this course, we will discuss some general principles, but the focus will be on the analysis and interpretation of botanical, zoological and human skeletal data.

Course set-up

  • Two lectures a week;

  • (Non-assessed) assignments/quizzes on Brightspace (compulsory).

Course objectives

  • Gain knowledge of the basic principles of taxonomy;

  • Gain knowledge of the (palaeo)biological techniques used to reconstruct landscapes, palaeo-environments and palaeo-climate;

  • Gain knowledge of how to use plant fossil and animal assemblages to make palaeo-environmental reconstructions, consider diet, and diverse human activities;

  • Gain basic knowledge on how to excavate, sample and treat bioarchaeological remains;

  • Gain knowledge of the human skeleton and osteoarchaeological techniques used to estimate sex, age-at-death, and stature;

  • Gain knowledge on the ethical considerations associated with human skeletal remains;

  • Ability to interpret and critically evaluate diverse types of bioarchaeological data.


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Mode of instruction


Assessment method

  • One final written exam at the end of the course (2 hours).

All quizzes and assignments have to be completed before the exam can be taken.

A retake of the exam is only possible in case of a fail (in compliance with our teaching rules and regulations) and only when all assignments have been completed.

Assessment deadlines

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Reading list

To be published on Brightspace.


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For more information about this course, please contact dr. L. (Laura) Llorente Rodriguez.