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Pre-master Archaeology

The pre-master track (transition programme) is intended for students who want to start a master in Archaeology, but who have some deficiencies in archaeological knowledge or skills. The pre-master programme offers you the opportunity to acquire these skills yet.

A pre-master programme is always determined on an individual basis, in concordance with and with the approval of the Admission Committee. The programme consists of a selection of courses from the bachelor Archaeology.

Pre-master Archaeology


What you need to be eligible for a pre-master Archaeology:

  • A BA degree obtained at a Dutch research university or Dutch university of applied sciences, or equivalent. Deficiencies can be removed within one year.

  • The Admission Committee determines the content of your pre-master programme. There are certain choices to be made with regard to courses, you will make these choices together with the study adviser.

  • After completion of the pre-master track, in principle, you will be admitted to the master programme of your choice.

Please note: these requirements will not automatically secure admission to the pre-master programme. Every individual application will be assessed by the Admission Committee. Depending on your previous training, the Admission Committee will determine the content and number of ec (60 ec maximum) of your pre-master programme.


You are advised to apply for the master programme of your choice. The Admission Committee will then assess your file and will either admit you directly to the master programme, or you will receive a pre-master offer. In that offer you will find instructions on how to apply for the pre-master programme.

See our website for more information on how to apply for a master Archaeology.

Saxion pre-master track

The Saxion pre-master information is only available in Dutch.

Below is an example of choices on offer for the Saxion pre-master track.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Designing Archaeological Research 5
Archaeological Theory (BA3) 5
Science Communication: Archaeology in the 21st Century 5

Choose 1:

Deep History 5
Early Cities: A Comparative Perspective 5
Early Empires in West Asia and the Mediterranean 5

Choose 1:

Bioarchaeology 5
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 5
Museums and Collections: A Practical Introduction 5
Material Studies 2 5
Landscape Archaeology Projects 5

Choose a seminar from the list below (in block 2,3 or 4). Seminars have limited capacity, you will be enrolled on the basis of drawing lots.

Block 2 (October-December)

Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean in the Late Bronze Age 5
The Roman Frontier 5
The Archaeology of the Ancient Silk Roads 5
Pleistocene Technology 5
Ritual Analysis: What Archaeologists Can Learn From Ethnologists 5
Byzantine Archaeology 5
The Prehistory of Asia Minor and Cyprus 5

Block 3 (February-April)

Archaeology of the Americas 5
From Ceramic to Plastic: The Mediterranean in Twelve Objects 5
Predictive Modelling 5
The Archaeology of the Roman Empire in the Western Mediterranean 5
Dutch Prehistory in a European Context 5

Block 4 (April-May)

Maritime Archaeology, Culture and Landscapes: Research, Protection, and their Role in Identity(Building) 5
Osteology 5
Botany 5
Zoology 5
Isotope Archaeology 5
Histories We Play 5