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Project Case II


Admission requirements

The project case runs in parallel with the courses of the second semester.


In Project Case II the acquired Population Health Management knowledge and skills will be applied to a real-life case. The group assignment will be carried out in close collaboration with the actual workfield and will be done in parallel with the courses of the first year’s second semester. The students set up a collaboration with their health care actor of interest, which can be for example a care/cure organization, municipality, health insurance company. Together with the workfield, a real-life problem is defined. Through discussions with the group, research, field work, collaborations, and experiences, the students apply and integrate the various ingredients of the PHM approach. The case is finalized with a presentation and written report.

Course objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student:

  • can apply different scientific methodologies (qualitative as well as quantitative data) from the medical and social domain relevant for the case.

  • can demonstrate the interdisciplinary character of the PHM approach and analyse the case from different perspectives, as well as argue and select the best solutions.

  • can weigh pros and cons on different organisational levels in order to support an effective decision making structure. During this case the student can demonstrate outstanding communication and leadership about the chosen approach.


All course and group schedules are published on MyTimeTable.

The exam dates have been determined by the Education Board and are published in MyTimeTable.
It will be announced in MyTimeTable and/or Brightspace when and how the post-exam feedback will be organized.

Mode of instruction

Group work

Assessment method

  • Individual paper (50%)

  • Group-presentation (50%)

A final grade of 6,0 minimum is considered sufficient. If the result is less than 6,0 or if the student did not participate in one of the components, the student is given the opportunity to retake the assessment as one assignment that covers all the learning goals of the course.
Final grades between 5,0 and 6,0 will be rounded:

5,0-5,4 → 5,0
5,5-6,0 → 6,0

Reading list

The reading list can be found on Brightspace. The material consists of presentations and pdf files. There is no need to purchase literature, as the presented material is not commercialized.


Registration must be completed via MyStudyMap. Registration in MyStudyMap gives you automatic access to the course in Brightspace. For more information, please visit the Leiden University website for students.


Annefrans van Ede -


This course is a combination of online education and on campus education at the Leiden University Health Campus in The Hague.