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Population Health Management

PHM offers you the tools to navigate through, and give direction to, the complex and changing health care landscape by using an interdisciplinary approach.

During the programme you will acquire the necessary competences to look and act across domains and integrally solve complex healthcare issues. The programme considers health care from an interdisciplinary population oriented point of view in which the disciplines data, governance and behaviour are offered in an integrated way to achieve sustainable health care. The curriculum offers a seamless evolution from a monodisciplinary start to an interdisciplinary and eclectic expertise.

Year 1

The first year of the programme consists of ten courses of four weeks each. The first two weeks of a course consist of independent, online education. The third week is an intensive, fulltime on-campus week to expand your skills through groupwork. The four-week period is concluded with an individual assignment and reflection week.

Parallel to the ten courses, students will execute two project cases.

Throughout the first and second year of the programme, students will develop and reflect on their professional and personal skills through a tutor-guided course.

The first year courses are listed below in the order in which they should be completed. For each subsequent course, it is assumed that students have mastered the knowledge of the previous course(s).

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Fundamentals of Population Health Management 5
Study Design 5
Health and Health Behaviour 4
Responsible Data Analysis 5
Governance 4
Project Case I 6
Predictive Analytics 5
Syndemics 5
Alternative Payment Models 4
Panel Management Next Level 5
Implementation: putting PHM into action 5
Project Case II 5
Professional and Personal Development 2

Year 2

For the second year, you will design your own individualized programme, linked to one or a combination of the four tracks. In the third semester you will develop your own track consisting of courses and internships (30 EC). This will be followed by your Final research project which consists of your master thesis and a knowledge utilization project (30EC). The individualized and interdisciplinary character of the second year offers you the perfect opportunity to study abroad and broaden your horizon.

The four tracks are:

  • Epidemiology

  • Governance

  • Data Science

  • Syndemics

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Second Year Track - electives 30
Final Research Project 30

Career Preparation

As an academic strategic partner of PHM, you have the skills to look and act across domains and integrally solve complex healthcare issues. This is requested in a wide range of healthcare organizations and businesses and in government. Within this wide range, it can be challenging to find your own path. From the moment you start your Master's degree, your tutor will help you create a matching career path.

If you need more tools: the Career Service of the Faculty of Medicine offers support when you have questions about your career, your master choice, the job market and job applications: