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Language Acquisition 4: Working Words at Work


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TV4 is the follow-up course of TV3. The setup of the two courses is similar. Again, the systematic and thematic application of vocabulary is the main goal and activity. TV4, however, focuses specifically on professional and academic language use. Students more or less run the course, while the tutor observes and gives the students the opportunity to produce language items and stimulate other students to do the same. On request, students receive extensive personal feedback once or twice in the course. The main criterion in the course is active vocabulary, and pronunciation and grammar receive less attention because students are assumed to have acquired those skills satisfactorily already. Finally, presentation skills will be practised and evaluated.

Course Objectives

  • awareness of your own and other people’s language use

  • activating the passive vocabulary that was acquired during the first year

  • increasing vocabulary

  • presentation skills

  • grammar and pronunciation


The timetable will be available from July 1 onwards on the Department website.

Mode of Instruction

One hour seminar per week.


  • Presentations (80%)

  • Homework assignments (20%)

  • Possibility of an oral exam when the student has not met the attendance requirement or received an insufficient average grade for the presentations and homework tasks.


This course is supported by Blackboard. Students should sign up before the beginning of the semester.

Reading list

Pauwels, Paul et al. Working Words At Work. Deurne: Wolters Plantyn, 2004.


Students can register through uSis.

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Contact information

English Department, P.N. van Eyckhof 4, room 103c. Phone: 071 527 2144, or mail: