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Cyberspace and Cyberlaw


Admission requirements



Subject matter
Internet is permeating our societies and thus our legal systems. During the process, a multitude of legal questions arise, both practical (e.g., how can we prevent Google Inc. to become ‘Big Brother’) and fundamental (e.g., should a court, ruling in an individual cyber law case, take into account the foreseeable effects on the information society-s development, and if so, how and to what extent).

The course offers the student a well-founded approach to the unavoidable interdisciplinary professional legal-IT discourse surrounding this issue. Cyberlaw addresses important upcoming issues of law, responsibility and enforcement in the Information Society from a legal-multidisciplinary perspective. Coherence in the course is maintained by following the European procurement procedure for two services: (1) for telecommunication data retention duties and (2) for a legitimate peer to peer service in Second Life.

Material law treatment will be at the level of EU directives and related case law available in English.

objectives of the course:
The course has the following objectives:

  • To provide a focus on the legal issues that arise when internet-related information technology is employed to regulate a social environment

Achievement levels:
The following achievement levels apply with regard to the course:

  • To obtain e focus on the legal issues that arise when internet-related information technology is employed to regulate a social environment



Mode of instruction


  • Number of (2 hour) lectures:

  • Names of lecturers:

  • Required preparation by students:


  • Number of (2 hour) seminars: Two 2-hour seminars per week for 5 weeks. There will be 10 sessions of two hours each.

  • Names of instructors: A.H.J. Schmidt; B.W Schermer; prof. dr. L. Mommers LLM and prof. mr. G.J. Zwenne

  • Required preparation by students:

Other methods of instruction

  • Description: assignment

  • Number of (2 hour) instructions: There will be three assignments during the course

  • Names of instructors: A.H.J. Schmidt; B.W Schermer; prof. dr L. Mommers LLM and prof mr G.J. Zwenne

  • Required preparation by students: three times make an assignment

Assessment method

Examination form(s)

  • Written exam.

  • Papers (assignments, to be written during the course).

Submission procedures

Areas to be tested within the exam
Compulsory literature and any topics that have been discussed during classes.


A special website will be used which is accessible via Blackboard

More information on this course is offered in “Blackboard”:

Reading list

Obligatory course materials

  • Will be announced later.

Course information guide:

  • A special website will be made available for communication. All reading material will be made available here.


  • To be announced

Recommended course materials:

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Contact details

  • Coordinator: Prof. mr. B.W. Schermer

  • Work address: KOG, Office B3.28

  • Contact information: Every day, by appointment via e-mail.

  • Telephone number: 071 527 7873

  • E-mail:


  • Institution: Metajuridica/Jurisprudence

  • Division: eLaw@Leiden, Centre for Law in the Information Society, Leiden University

  • Room number secretariat: KOG, Office B3.29

  • Opening hours: 10.00 – 15.00 hrs

  • Telephone number secretariat: 071 527 7873

  • E-mail:


This course is offered twice during the Spring semester but it is offered in English only during the second part of the semester.
Students who have enrolled will receive an email with directions concerning website location and logon authentication information.