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Seminar Grid Computing



In this seminar Grid Computing, we will study in depth both “what is it” and “how to do it”. Students will learn the latest grid technologies through presentations, and do a grid-based research/deployment project.


The Grid is widely seen as the next step beyond the Internet, incorporating enormous computing power, high-speed networking, intelligent devices and large-scale databases into a seamless pool of managed and brokered resources, available to academy, industry and commerce. By analogy to the electric power grids in the beginning of the last century, grid technology is poised to transform computing from an individual and corporate activity into a general utility. Grid based systems, whether their purpose is computation, collaboration or information sharing, are all instances of fundamental distributed system principles.


Seminar; the maximum number of students is 12.
After some introductory prsentations, each student has to present one specific subtopic related to grids. To promote discussion and interaction during these student presentations, presence and questions of the other participants will be taken into account in the grading. After the presentations the students will work in pairs on a chosen grid research/deployment project.


Grading of the seminar is based on the presentation (35%), participation (15%), and project (50%).


Seminarium Grid Computing