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Computer Science

For the Master Computer Science you have to gather 60 ECTS (or 42, if you want to do a Software Project/Project Study) out of the courses listed below.
PLEASE NOTE: The Master Class is mandatory for all master students in their second year.

It is also possible to choose Natural Computing and/or Computer Graphics (both from the Bachelor programme) as a course in the Master programme.

First year: Fall semester

Students can choose between:

  1. 60 EC specialisation courses in the first year
    1. 42 EC specialisation courses + either the software project or the project study.

The project study or the software project can be done in fall or spring.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Audio Processing and Indexing 6
Databases and Datamining 6
Evolutionary Algorithms 6
Multimedia Systems 6
Neural Networks 6
Quantum Computing 6
Seminar Coordination and Self-Adaptation 6
Software Project OR Project Study 18
Swarm-based Computation with Applications in Bioinformatics 6
Testing Object-Oriented Software 6
Topics on Parsing and Formal Languages 6

First year: Spring semester

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced Compilers and Architectures 6
Bio-modeling and Petri Nets 6
Coordination and Component Composition 6
Embedded Systems and Software 6
Mathematical Biology, Metabolic Network Analysis 6
Microscopy, Modeling and Visualisation 7
Molecular Computational Biology 6
Multimedia Information Retrieval 6
Seminar Combinatorial Algorithms 6
Seminar Empirical Software Engineering 6
Seminar Grid Computing 6
Software Project OR Project Study 18

Second year

The Master Thesis Research Project includes 7 EC for the thesis writing and the oral presentation.

Participation is mandatory for all students working on Research Project or Master Thesis.

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Master Class 0
Master Thesis Research Project 42
Research Project 18