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Republican China (1911-1949)



This history course studies the transitional period between the fall of the Qing dynasty and the founding of the People’s Republic of China, with special attention to the themes of nationalism, revolution, and social and cultural transformation. It covers major events chronologically, from the founding of the Republic of China, the May Fourth movement, the Nationalist Revolution, the Resistance War against Japan, to the Communist Revolution, and critically engages with the current historiography on them.

Course objectives

  • an in-depth knowledge of the period’s history

  • a historical perspective on Chinese modernity

  • basic research skills in the discipline of history


See timetable TCC

Mode of Instruction

combine lecture and discussion

Assessment method

  • Participation (attendance, presentation, and contribution to discussion)

  • One book review of a monograph

  • One historical essay


Blackboard will be used for course documents.