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Werkcollege BA3 Beeldende kunst en wooncultuur 1800-heden: De representatie van de kunstenaar/het kunstenaarsatelier in de negentiende en twintigste e


Admission requirements

Admission requirements and any restrictions.


Brief introductory description of the course. Please include course subject and teaching materials used.

Course objectives

Concise description of the course objectives formulated in terms of knowledge, insight and skills students will have acquired at the end of the course. The relationship between these objectives and achievement levels for the programme should be evident.


Day and time when the course takes place, as well as a link to the timetable on the department website.

Mode of instruction

Choose from: Lecture, Tutorial, Individual study of source materials, Excursion, Work placement, Other:

Assessment method

Please specify assessment method. NB if a combination of assessment methods is used, please specify the weight of each method in the calculation of the final mark. Press F1 for options.


Is Blackboard used in the course? Yes/No

Reading list

Titles of course books and/or readers used in the course; indication of where these can be bought and whether or not the materials should be read in advance.


How the (various groups of) students should register for the course.

Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Study in Leiden website for information on how to apply.

Contact information

Names of people to contact and websites to consult for more information.


All other information.