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Focus 5b+6:Tokugawa Japan: culture, religion, art and literature in early-modern political history II


Admission requirements

Completion of Focus 5a+6:Tokugawa Japan: culture, religion, art and literature in early-modern political history I (BA3, semester 1)


This third year level course looks at the culture, society and history of pre-twentieth century Japan, with a particular focus on the production and utilization of culture, religion, art and literature through the Tokugawa period. The first semester component examines a range of aspects of the social, political, intellectual, cultural and religious histories of Japan, focusing on the interaction between Japan and the rest of the world. The second semester, while gradually introducing readings from Japanese materials, also allows students the opportunity to diversify and specialize in their own area of interest. Students progressing to the 2nd semester will thereby be able to begin to research the period of history, and the social, cultural, intellectual or religious aspect they are individually interested in. One specific aim is to equip students with the knowlegde and skills necessary to initiate their own graduation project, on a topic of their choice relating to this period.

Course objectives

Completion of the education necessary in research, analytical and writing skills for completion of a BA thesis in this field.


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Mode of instruction

Seminar / Werkcollege

Assessment method

Mid-semester paper. Final Paper 70%. Participation and short papers 30%.



Reading list

To be advised


Enrollment through uSis is mandatory.

Contact information

Dr. K. Paramore