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Psychology of Abnormal Behaviour


Admission requirements

First year course Personality, Clinical and Health Psychology or similar.


This course addresses the psychological aspects of a variety of abnormal conditions, encountered in clinical or forensic practice, with important consequences for both the individual as well as for society. The course aims at increasing theoretical knowledge of these specific abnormal conditions. Attention will be paid to aetiological models, psychosocial aspects, assessment, and treatment/management of the several abnormal conditions. As regards topics, this course is complementary to the Dutch-language course Psychopathologie, Diagnostiek en Behandeling.

Course objectives

Aim of the course: to increase theoretical knowledge of a variety of abnormal conditions, including aetiology, and diagnostic and therapeutic issues relating to these disorders.


Psychology of Abnormal Behaviour (2012-2013):

Mode of instruction and literature per lecture

  • 7 Lectures

Literature: To be determined.

Assessment method

Exam with multiple choice-questions


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Contact information

Dr. V. de Gucht.
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