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Elementary Particle Physics



This course gives an introduction to the physics of elementary particles and their interactions. It starts with atoms, nuclei, nucleons and builds up towards a description of the Standard Model of Particle Physics and a basic understanding of the strong, electromagnetic and weak interactions.

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  • B.Povh, K.Rith, C.Sholz, F.Zetsche: Particles and Nuclei, An Introduction to the Physical Concepts (Springer); – also recommended: D. Griffiths: Introduction to Elementary Particles (Wiley-VCH)


Year 3
5th semester

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The final grade will take into account exam results and the personal work during the course in a way to be determined in in consultation with the students.

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Speciale Relativiteitstheorie, Klassieke Mechanica a, Klassieke Elektrodynamica and Quantummechanica 2

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Contact details lecturer: Prof.dr. A. Achúcarro (Ana)

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