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Quantum Field Theory



Building on the Effective Field Theory course, this is a first course in the Quantum Theory of Fields which consistently unifies special relativity with quantum mechanics. Topics covered are: Quantum Mechanics from a Lagrangian perspective, the path integral. Spin and the Lorentz Group, the Dirac Equation, QED, Perturbation theory and elementary Scattering Processes, concluding with renormalization, the enormalization group and the connection with critical phenomena.

Recommended for specialisation theoretical physics

Programme form

Lectures, tutorials.


An introduction to Quantum Field Theory, M.E. Peskin and D.V. Schroeder, Harper Collins publishers 1995, ISBN 0201503972 Paperback College Press Ltd, University of Bejing: ISBN 7-5158-0359-2 (vol. 1),
1998, ISBN 7-5158-0358-4 (vol. 2).


Physics Schedule

Form of examination

8 weekly assignments counting 60% of the total grade. Final exam counting for 40% of the total grade with the condition that you must pass the final exam to pass the course.


Effective Field Theory and Quantum Theory

More information

Lecturer: Dr. K.E. Schalm (Koenraad)