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Admission requirements

Some background in philosophy is desirable; especially ethics.
à la carte-studenten hebben alleen toegang tot deze cursus met toestemming van de docent.


Metaethics is concerned with question about the nature of moral judgements. Is there such a thing as moral truth? Can moral judgements be correct? What is the criterion for that? Do moral judgements refer to fact and properties just like non-moral judgements? How to answer all these question in such a way they are compatible with the dominant scientific worldview? In short, metaethics is concerned with questions in the areas of metaphysics, epistemology and philosophical psychology that are relevant to ethics.

Course objectives

Course objectives will be posted on Blackboard by the start of the course.


See Collegeroosters Wijsbegeerte 2013-2014 , BA Wijsbegeerte (BA Plus-traject of Standaardtraject), 3e jaar.
See Timetables Philosophy 2013-2014 , Timetable Undergraduate Courses in English.

Mode of instruction


Course load

Attending seminars: 14 × 3 hrs = 42 hrs
Preparation for seminars: 14 × 8 hrs = 84 hrs
Writing of response papers: 14 × 4 hrs = 84 hrs
Midterm paper (research and writing): 25 hrs
Final paper (research and writing): 35 hrs
Total course load: 280 hrs

Assessment method

  • Weekly response papers (20%)

  • Mid-term essay (30%)

  • Final essay (50%)


Blackboard will be used of posting of texts, reading list, and course information.

Reading list

  • All the literature will be made available through Blackboard.


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