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Introduction to International Relations and Organizations



A broad introduction to the international political system, main theories of international politics and foreign policy making, and the nature of main international organizations such as the UN and its agencies and programs, regional organizations, NATO, as well as international non-governmental organizations. The focus is on maintaining peace, security, human rights, care for the global environment and socio-economic progress.

Course objectives

To improve understanding of how the global and regional systems work, the main problems of international governance, and how to tackle global policy issues more effectively.


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Mode of instruction

Lectures, writing 3 essays of 2 pages each, readings of about 500 pages

Assessment method

The course grade depends for 33% on the essays, for 33% on the presentation and for 34% on an exam.


Some materials will be on Blackboard

Reading list

Ray and Kaarvi, Global Politics, most recent edition


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