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Topics in Linguistics C: Phonological acquisition and phonological change


Admission requirements

Master Course in Phonology, or equivalent (to be agreed upon with teachers beforehand)


In this course we will discuss the relation between language acquisition and language change on the basis of both theoretical and experimental work. We will focus on the issue of ‘markedness’ and discuss if and how markedness in phonology is related to factores like ease of articulation, ease of perception and frequency.

Course objectives

  • students will learn to read and critically assess journal articles on the topic

  • students will learn to present a paper on this topic

  • students will learn to extract relevant data from databases like the Corpus of Spoken Dutch, Celex and Childes/Phon (or equivalents for other languages)

  • students will learn to write a paper on this topic



Mode of instruction


Course Load

A brief calculation of the course load, broken down by:

  • 5 ects =140 hours.

  • Classes: 14 hours

  • Class preparation (reading): 35 hours

  • Preparation presentation: 12 hours

  • Paper: 79 hours

Assessment method

  • essay (70%)

  • presentation (30%)

To complete the final mark, please take notice of the following:

1) the final grade for the course is established by determining the weighted average
2) the final grade for the course is established by (i) determination of the weighted average combined with (ii) additional requirements. These additional requirements generally relate to one or more of the subtests always be sufficient


This course is supported by Blackboard. Blackboard will be used to provide students with an overview of current affairs, as well as specific information about (components of) the course. Please see:

Reading list

Journal articles, TBA


Prospective students, please check the Study Abroad/Exchange website
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Enrollment through uSis for the course and the examination or paper is mandatory.


Marc van Oostendorp
Claartje Levelt