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Littérature 1945-1980


Admission requirements

Hoofdvak students: Inleiding letterkunde 2; others: read, understand and write French fluently.


This course gaves an overview of French literature 1945-1980 by way of several keytexts from fiction, theatre and poetry, and an introduction in a few literary approaches.

Course objectives

Concise description of the course objectives formulated in terms of knowledge, insight and skills students will have acquired at the end of the course. The relationship between these objectives and achievement levels for the programme should be evident.



Mode of instruction

Lecture and Tutorial

Course load

Total course load: 140 hours

  • Attending lectures and seminars: 26 hours

  • Studying the compulsory literature: 110 hours

  • Examination: 4 hours

Assessment method

2 partial written examinations with open questions, the average of which constitutes the final mark.



Reading list

  • Samuel Beckett, _ En attendant Godot_ (Minuit)

  • Jean Genet, Les Bonnes (Folio)

  • Albert Camus, La Peste (Folio)

  • Alain Robbe-Grillet, Les Gommes (Minuit)

  • Georges Perec, W (Gallimard, l’Imaginaire)

  • Choix de poésies (via Blackboard)

  • Choix d’essais (via Blackboard)

  • Manuel : M. Touret, Histoire de la littérature française du XXème siècle, tome II (Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2008)

  • M.P.Schmitt & A. Viala, Savoir -lire (Didier)

Lezen vóór aanvang van de colleges: Les Gommes, W et La Peste.



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